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Nothing crafts the overall effect of a shoot quite like wardrobe. A shoot is an investment of valuable time and funds for any brand. The right styling is not only essential to the overall look and impact of the shoot, it is indicative of the brand's voice, message, and tone. 


I work with an array of eloquent brands, from island girl entrepreneurs to lifestyle magazines. Clothing as a medium has always fascinated me; it has a power to speak for an individual (or a brand). While we cycle through handfuls of adjectives every season in an attempt to describe style (bohemian - still a favorite of mine, edgy, rock and roll, Americana, preppy, French, relaxed, etc.) we never fail to recognize it. 

My own influences are myriad. I am an East Coast girl, from birth. I entered the industry through doors still recognized as authorities of style: the glossy fashion magazine. My aesthetic matured on the deliciously unregulated beaches of Hawaii and the deserts of the Southwest. I found a relaxed, genuine ease and style came naturally to me, and spoke to the women I knew and shared inspiration with. 

I bring my own signature to every project; it is a inimitable mixture of Americana, from the islands to the East Coast. View my recent work in wardrobe here, or engage me for an upcoming project here.




Inanimate objects always tell a story of their own. With a practiced hand, I help tell this story. From the subtle stream of cream into dark, rich coffee, to achingly beautiful heaps of discarded ribbon, objects speak to us. To evoke a particular mood in a printed editorial, to showcase the beauty of handmade ceramics, to capture picture-perfect content for a stunning family's foray into coffee farming, my precise prop work is invaluable.

Years of styling editorials, real weddings, and brand-showcasing lookbooks have lent a thoughtful edge to my work. 

View my recent prop styling work here, or engage me for an upcoming project here.




Real weddings and bridal editorials have a special place with me. My most rigorous styling work has always involved gowns and veils, invitations and floral arrangements. I honed my eye for the perfect shot while heading the styling of countless weddings and editorials at Pacific Weddings magazine for nearly a decade. I have immortalized in beautiful detail the weddings of real lovers, and guided the aesthetic of top industry editorials with a practiced hand.

Immersed wholly in the wedding world, I have developed a singular aesthetic and a knack for acquiring the perfect gown(s), accessories, props, florals, furniture, and a myriad of attending necessities. With these ingredients at hand, I bring to life thoughtful, inspiring, and enigmatic events and editorials. In tandem with a cadre of sought-for fine art weddings photographers and professionals, my styling work has brought fresh, romantic narratives to the wedding industry. 

See my recent real wedding and bridal editorial work here. Engage me for a wedding or project here.





As photo-drenched as our lives have all become, there is an essential nature to words which can comfort, inspire, alarm, and move us unlike any modern invention. It is a welcomed reprieve to rest over-stimulated eyes on a well-written text, and words remain the ablest storytellers even after images have made their suggestion. 

My roots have always twined firmly around words. 

I studied journalism in New York, long before the weddings and the family and the move to Hawaii. On every stop along the way, my affair with words served me and enhanced the narratives I told as a stylist and wedding professional. For family far away, for travel publications, for dreamy blogs, for lifestyle influencers, for fellow creatives and friends, I have always written. And I've found it has a special power, the likes of which no brand or publication or person of wit can abandon.

See my recent published words here. Engage me for a writing project here.





The lookbook has become a well-recognized calling card for brands of all shapes and sizes. The lookbook captures the essence of the brand's style and voice; it tells the short-story. A lookbook is perfect for communicating with your customer. Essentially a long-form editorial, the lookbook provides space and attention to multiple situations - from styling a product across an array of curated looks and sets, to capturing the mood and aesthetic of a photographer or other creative professional. 

The lookbook is a step ahead of the styled shoot plopped into a Dropbox folder - it's form continues the narrative through intelligent design and presentation. From the wardrobe to the fonts, the photographer to the editorial layout, no detail is lost. 

View my recent lookbooks here. Engage me for a lookbook or editorial project here.

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The website is no longer an optional luxury for the ultra-corporate. It is often the consumer's first brush with a brand, an it informs their relationship accordingly. I am a strong advocate of the beautiful, functional website. 

View my recent website projects here, or engage me for web work here.